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~ SOLD ~ 

Thank You Kindly!

Meet Holloway. He's stands about 16" high to the top of his hat and his wood base is about 7" wide.

He's so happy it's almost Halloween and it looks like he got himself an early start on collecting candy!

Holloway has a copper wire armature and his body and legs are firmly stuffed. His head and the 3 pumpkins are sculpted clay and 2 of the punkin's are already chocked full of colorful candy. His hat is thick black wool. 

Holloway would look adorable with your Halloween decor.

$62.00 + travel fare





Pin Keep in Brown's

I love handy 'ol pin keeps and this one is fashioned in quality quilt shop fabrics in browns with brown Perle cotton extra stitchin' on the seams. On top is a vintage leather covered brown button. The pin keep is firmly stuffed and mounted on a handmade black metal clamp. I've attached a padded circle that will screw up under a table and a padded little wee quilt with wool backing, to put between table and clamp to keep your surface safe.

When it's screwed down it's about 9 1/2" long. It has about a 2" gap between small round pad for thicker tables.

$49.00 + travel fare


Set of 4 Hex Mug Rugs

~ Sold ~ 

Thank You Kindly

Set of 4, triple layer wool hex mug rugs measure about 7" across.