** January Offerin's **

Happy 2017!

I'm starting off the new year with some
 new Barefoot wool penny rug sewing roll designs.

 Flower Sewing Roll

 This sewing roll is done in all wool in blues and grays with a hand stitched penny rug design on the front. A vintage metal silver button closes the piece with black perle cotton. Inside is a wool pocket for the scissors (included). A sawdust filled golden heart fob has 3 penny rug topped pins with teensy buttons, and is attached to an 'ol metal key. At the bottom is a wool flap/pocket with 3 little pins and a cardboard thread winder tucked in the pocket. There's an adorable vintage flower button, which was hard to get a good pic of.
There's lots of blanket stitchin' on this piece.
 It measures about 9 1/2x6 1/2" open.

Please send zip code for accurate shipping

$ 40.00 + travel fare 

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Wool Heart Sewing Roll

This little sewing roll is about 7x3" open.
It's done in blue and gray wools with lots of blanket stitchin'.
The heart is on front is stuffed and has 3 penny rug topped pins with adorable vintage flower shaped buttons. Inside is a pocket with scissors (included) and a little cardboard thread winder. There's 3 white head pins above and a vintage white button closer with black perle cotton.

Please send zip code for accurate shipping

$ 28.00 + travel fare 

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Each stumpy snowman stands about 11" high 
to the top of his stovepipe hat. 
Each snowman's outfits are made with wool 'n fleece, artist pencil 'n paint facial features, 'ol buttons and each has different embellishments. They are stump sitter snowmen with wired arms and weighted in their bottoms to stand on their own.
Not meant for little hands.
Snowmen are a Barefoot design.
They come signed 'n dated.
Sold separately
Let me introduce you to them....


 Blue has a rusty shovel, snowflake, ming pine garland in his pocket and rusty bells sewn to his hat.


Thank you Suzanne!

 Black has rusty snowflakes and teensy bells sewn to his hat, a garland of rusty bells 'n pips, ming pine garland in his pocket and an adorable gingerbread.


Red has a rusty heart on his hat, vintage coverlet covered buttons, ming pine garland in pocket and strand of Christmas light bulbs.


 Green has rusty bells on his hat, a wool stocking, rusty shovel and teensy candy canes in his pocket.

Please send zip code for accurate shipping

$ 45.00 + travel fare per snowman
(I combine shipping if more than one item ordered)

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