Happy 2018!

Crazy Quilt Hearts

3 Wool hearts done in crazy quilt fashion with seed beads, vintage buttons and fancy stitchin. Great for bowl fillers or hang from the perle cotton hangers. They measure about 4 1/2" across at the widest part and about 4" long. 
(scissors not included)

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$28.00 + travel fare

Wool Heart in Wee Box
Thank You Kindly

Tucked inside this wee mache box is a wool heart with 3 wool heart topper pins.
Box is about 3" x 1 1/2" and is painted 'n crackled.
Wool heart is sawdust stuffed to keep your pins sharp.


The muslin pouch is doubled for extra strength and 
primmed up nice 'n grubby. Two old bone buttons and black perle cotton closure.
It holds 16 square head rusty nails from a 100+ year old barn.
Great nails for your prim critters and decorating

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$10.00 + travel fare

Thank you kindly

Here's a one of a kind,Snowman Jack In The Box!
He stands about 13" x 5".
 His mache box has been aged and crackled and vintage "Frosty the Snowman" music is on the front. 
The handle on the side actually turns!
The snowman nodder is attached to a rusty tornado spring. His warm 'n natural face is embroidered and a vintage rusty nail is his nose. A big 'ol rusty bell is attached to his red Christmas scarf. The snowman's wool hat has some fancy stitchin' and is wrapped with burlap with red perle stitchin' and a rusty snowflake and teensy bell are sewn on.


This star shaped mache box is about 6 1/2" wide.
It's been aged 'n crackled and painted on the inside as well.
Tucked inside is a set of 4 wool coasters.
The black is doubled and each has another wool star blanket stitched on, in gold, green, blue and gray.  The stitchin' is done in black and cream perle cotton. You can use them to sit that hot cup of cocoa on or even a tea light as shown, (not included).

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$22.00 + travel fare

+ Punch Needle Candy Cane
** SOLD **

This angel doll is about 24" long and her wing span about 17".
Her wings are detachable for easy travel or storage or to just display her as a prim winter doll.
Her facial features are sculpted, painted and penciled. She has lovely curly white sheep wool needle felted in for hair and a ming pine/berry garland setting on her head. It can be removed as well.
Her dress is a nice quality corduroy red snowflake design. Her shoes are painted and she has a teeny safety pin and rusty bell attached. She bends at the knees and elbows. 

Angel also comes with her punch needle candy cane. It has a floss hanger to put around her wrist or hang on your prim Christmas tree!

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Thank you Kindly!